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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Fundamentals (Short Course)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Fundamentals

November 10 and 11, 2016

Presented by:

Professor Tim Long, Dr. Deepak Hariharan, Dr. Don Herr, Dr. Ed Hortelano and Mr. Allan Lakin


Announcing a two-day day short course taught by five experts in the field of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs). This course will cover important PSA basics during the first day followed by selection for applications, PSA processes, component development and recent developments on the second day. All topics are presented in a practical manner designed for those with some technical background or education. Attendees will gain a better understanding of PSA fundamentals as well as practical applications. The combination of five excellent teachers, a convenient location in the Bay Area, an affordable price, and focus on practical applications makes this an exceptional opportunity.

Topics Covered

November 10 - Academic Session on PSA Fundamentals (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day)
Prof. Tim Long
• Introduction to Adhesives and Polymer Design Parameters
• Classes of Adhesive Structure and Synthetic Methods (PIB, Acrylate, PU, Siloxanes, Epoxies, Block and Segmented Copolymers) (I and II)
• Introduction to PSAs and Formulation
• Structure Property Relationships: Thermomechanical Performance (I)
• Structure Property Relationships: Rheological and Thermal Analysis (II)
• New Directions in Adhesive Design: Functional Adhesives

November 11 - Industrial Overview and Recent Developments (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
Commercial Overview – Applications – Dr. Deepak Hariharan
• Industrial/electronic/aerospace
• Medical/Life Science/Drug Delivery
• Selection Criteria
Recent Adhesive Developments
• Medical Adhesives – Deepak Hariharan
• Skin-to- device adhesives
• General medical device bonding and associated design considerations.
• PSAs for point-of-care diagnostic devices.
• Electrically Conductive PSAs – Dr. Don Herr
• Light Curable PSAs – Don Herr
Release Liners Development – Dr. Ed Hortelano
• Purpose of a release liner
• How to select a release liner
• Interaction of coatings and release liners
• Measurement of release
• Outlook and opportunities for the future
Conversion to Finished Goods using PSAs – Mr. Al Lakin
• Converter’s role in manufacturability of PSA assemblies
• Matching material properties (expansion, shear, moisture, creep)
• Best practices in design for manufacturing and automation
• Industry outlook

Instructor Backgrounds

Dr. Timothy Long (telong@vt.edu) is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech. He received his B.S. Chemistry from St. Bonaventure University, followed by his Ph.D. Chemistry from Virginia Tech. His group’s continuing research goal is to integrate fundamental research in novel macromolecular structure and polymerization processes with the development of high performance macromolecules for advanced technologies, including drug and gene delivery, sustainable feed stocks, adhesives and elastomers, block copolymers and living polymerization, and biomaterials for health and energy. He spent nearly a decade as a research scientist at Eastman Kodak Co. and Eastman Chemical Co. before returning to Virginia Tech. He has over 45 patents in the field of macromolecular science and engineering, and has recently exceeded 230 peer-reviewed publications. He has been a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry since 1999 and currently serves as the Director of the Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII) at Virginia Tech. He has received many prestigious honors in his field of polymer chemistry. Tim serves currently as the Vice-President of the Adhesion Society for 2016-2018.

Dr. Deepak Hariharan (dhariharan@arglobal.com) is the Business Director for Adhesives Research Inc., a global developer and manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, specialty films, coatings, laminates, release liners and drug delivery technologies. Deepak is a graduate of IIT Bombay, Purdue University and the University of Maryland where he received his Bachelor of Science, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and M.B.A. respectively. After graduating from Purdue University in 1993, he joined National Starch & Chemical Company, (now a part of Henkel USA), where he assisted with the development of transdermal drug delivery adhesives. In 1999 he joined Adhesives Research, Inc. as a scientist in the industrial and electronics business. He later went on to manage the R&D group for industrial and electronics adhesives before becoming the business manager for the electronics business in 2008. In April of 2014, he was appointed Business Director for North America and has held the position ever since. He enjoys utilizing his materials and industry knowledge to assist customers in solving a wide range of bonding problems in various fields.

Dr. Don Herr (dherr@arglobal.com) is an R&D Group Leader at Adhesives Research, Inc., responsible for R&D and New Product Development in the company’s Electronics, Industrial and Splicing business units. Prior to his current position, he was a senior scientist in the corporate research functions of W.R. Grace and National Starch/Henkel. Don received his B.S. in chemistry with honors from The Pennsylvania State University, and his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from The Johns Hopkins University. He has worked in the area of electronics and industrial adhesives and coatings for 16 years. His research interests include organic and organometallic synthesis, radiation and thermal curing, and filled composites/nanocomposites. Don has authored various peer-reviewed papers and is named as an inventor on 18 issued U.S patents.

Dr. Edwin Hortelano (ed.hortelano@loparex.com) the Global Vice President for Research and Development at Loparex. He is responsible for all product development as well as technical service. As the senior R&D executive for the company, he is working to improve the processes and delivery of new products and technologies. Edwin earned a BA in Chemistry from Kalamazoo College and a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Wayne State University. After his Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, he joined Covestro (then Mobay and most recently Bayer Material Science) in New Martinsville, WV. In the course of his twenty years with Covestro, Edwin held positions of increasing responsibility in the US, Germany, and China. In October 2010, Edwin joined the Bostik Global Non-Wovens Division in Wauwatosa, WI. In this role, he led product development as well as application technology for the division. He was also responsible for the long-term research activities for the global hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive technology platform. From May 2013 until his departure, Edwin served as the Chief Technical Officer for Bostik, Inc., responsible for all product developments for the industrial businesses served by waterborne, solventborne, as well as reactive chemistries for these applications before joining Loparex in 2015.

Mr. Allan Lakin (alakin@fralock.com) is the Plant Manager at Fralock/Lockwood Industries in Valencia, CA. Mr. Lakin attended MIT, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in polymer engineering. He also holds a Juris Doctor from the law school at Loyola Marymount University. He began his industrial career in 1975 as a materials engineer with Rocketdyne (Canoga Park, CA), where he specialized in the selection of plastics and adhesives for extreme environments. Mr. Lakin moved to Hitco (Gardena, CA) in 1983 as a senior technical specialist in composites and adhesives. Over the next ten years at Hitco he supervised teams of 5 to 30 manufacturing and tooling engineers, served as a program manager, and directed thecompany’s production readiness planning. After leaving Hitco, Mr. Lakin managed a battery development lab and consulted in manufacturing systems before joining Fralock in 2002.

Practical Details

• The location of the course will be Michaels at Shoreline, 2960 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, (650) 962-1014

• Additional instructions will be provided to those who register for the event before the deadline of November 1 by November 7.
• Continental breakfast and lunch provided on site each day, as part of course expense (no additional charge).
• Instructors will stay until 6:00 PM to discuss specific issues.
• Hardcopy lecture notes from each day will be provided to all attendees.

Payment Information

Early Registration (on or before October 21) - $495
Late Registration (October 22 to November 1) - $595

• No registration possible after November 1 or when 50-attendee limit is reached
• Advance Registration and payment required. No drop-ins will be allowed.
• No reservation will be considered complete until payment is received.


For attendees who require hotel reservations, numerous hotels are nearby in Mountain View and Palo Alto that are close to Michael's at Shoreline. (Search Google Maps for Hotels near Mountain View) The closest airports in order of distance (closest to farthest) are San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Registration Details

(1) Begin the registration process by going to the main web page, www.GGPF.org, clicking on "Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Fundamentals (Short Course)". On the page that appears next, you will see all the course information. To register, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

There is only one option available for registration. Simply fill in all your personal details, including name, affiliation, email address, etc. The early registration discount will automatically apply if appropriate.

After you have completed all the required information, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page where you can review your information.

Click "Confirm Registration" at this time. This will take you to a page where you can choose to pay via Credit Card (via PayPal) or Check. We are requesting that all short course registrations choose the Credit Card option.

Click on the "PayPal" option. This will redirect you to the PayPal website where you can submit your credit card information and complete the payment process.

If you choose to pay by check, click on the box labelled "Cash or Check Payment" and then on the "Complete your Registration" icon. You will need to provide payment by mailing a check made out to “GGPF” in the appropriate amount. Contact Eveleen Tang for further instructions at etang@amaranthmedical.com. Your registration is not complete until a check is received.

If a registration appears incomplete, we will contact you for further clarification.

If your company requires it, the GGPF Tax ID# will be provided to you by e-mailing a request to Eveleen Tang at etang@amaranthmedical.com . Please note that the conference registration fee covers the short course expenses and is not a tax deductible donation.

(2) Your registration will not be complete until payment is received by either credit card (highly preferred) or check. For purposes of registration dates, or for first-come first-served issues, we will use either your date of registration by credit card or the post office date on the envelope, which contains the check.

(3) An automated e-mail receipt will be provided as soon as you register and is usually sufficient for corporate reimbursement. You will also be given a receipt when you arrive for the class on the first day.

(4) Reservations will be accepted in the order received until the class size limit is reached. We expect to accommodate 50 attendees on each day. Early reservations are encouraged. No reservations after are possible after November 1.

(5) If someone other than the intended attendee is performing the registration process, please ensure that it is the intended attendee whose name appears in the appropriate field in the registration.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations by you: allowed until October 22 - you will receive a refund minus a fixed $50 administrative cancellation fee. You must cancel in writing or e-mail and have a verifiable acknowledgment from us that you have cancelled in time. No cancellations allowed after October 22. Registrants who fail to attend and who did not cancel in time will not receive a refund. If you personally cannot attend, another attendee from your organization may substitute (by arrangement only; contact Mikki Larner, Len Radzilowski, or Lothar Kleiner; see "Contact Information" below).

Cancellations by us: in the unlikely event that not enough registrations are obtained, the class will be cancelled. If this happens, you will be notified by October 25 and you will receive a full refund.

Thinking about Sponsoring this Event?

The Golden Gate Polymer Forum (GGPF) is a successful 30-year non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study of polymeric materials and devices. We sponsor well attended monthly polymer forums, annual symposiums and short-courses.
The GGPF attracts scientist, engineers, academics as well as sales professionals from start-ups to fortune 100 companies that are interested in the study of and advances in polymers. The forum, in addition to providing cutting edge research and industry practices, allows for collaborative networking. The majority of our attendees are from the Bay Area, yet we attract people from out of state as well as international guests, thanks to our reputation in the industry as a premier educational forum.
The advantages of sponsorship include:
• Introduction of your services/products to influential scientists and engineers responsible for developing next generation products
• Gaining access to decision makers
• Networking with high technology professionals
• Increasing your company visibility
• Making new contacts
• Two sponsorship package options to choose from

LEVEL 1 Logo Sponsor: $200
• Company name on event advertising
• One full page printed company advertisement in the conference proceedings
• Verbal introduction and noted appreciation announced by conference organizer/chair

LEVEL 2 Tabletop Sponsor: $695
• All Level 1 benefits, plus
• A reserved tabletop with sponsor’s advertising materials and/or instruments displayed during event
• Inclusion in all breaks and networking activities
• Access to lectures and meals
• Copy of proceedings
• A list of attendees and their affiliations, by request

Contact Information

For course content details only, contact Mikki Larner or Lothar Kleiner (mlarner@dschnur.com or lothar_kleiner@hotmail.com).
For registration difficulties, contact webmaster@ggpf.org.
To sponsor, contact Claudia Allison claudia.allison@loparex.com or Mikki Larner (mlarner@dschnur.com.)
If you can’t reach the webmaster, contact Clayton Henderson (Clayton.Henderson@HitachiGST.com), Len Radzilowski (lradzilo@te.com), or Bruce Prime, (rbprime@sbcglobal.net).

Price: $595.00

Date: November 10, 2016

Michael's at Shoreline
Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park
Mountain View, CA
94043 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Integrated Product Design and Control for Polymer Nanocomposite Manufacturing (Oggunaike-Delaware)

“Integrated Product Design and Control for Polymer Nanocomposite Manufacturing”

Prof. Babatunde Ogunnaike
Professor of chemical engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering
University of Delaware


Systemic changes in the chemical industry have created a need for the rapid development of new products that meet customer needs as precisely as possible. The traditional chemical engineering focus on process design, while important, must now incorporate “product design”. Even so, to translate the result of “product design” into reality, the product must still be manufactured—and in such a way that the resulting product will meet the customer requirements in end-use. Product design must therefore be integrated directly with high level product characteristic control for successful “product engineering”. Currently, there are no systematic control paradigms for ensuring that end-use attributes are controlled to specification during the manufacturing process (and not merely “tested” afterwards to ascertain their status). In this presentation, we discuss our efforts to establish a systematic paradigm for product characteristic control and its integration with product design—providing novel solutions to the problems associated with delivering to customers, products that are manufactured precisely to design specifications, and directly incorporating into the control scheme, customer feedback on actual end-use performance.

Because of their current and future importance and because of how they perfectly exemplify product design and the accompanying property control challenges, the work was carried out specifically for polymer nanocomposites, although the end result should be applicable in general to other product classes. The novel modeling and control techniques developed and validated experimentally in a continuing collaboration with DuPont will be discussed. The specific question to be answered in the presentation may be stated as follows:

In manufacturing products (such as polymer nanocomposites) designed for specific end-use applications, what strategy is required for effective control of product properties and assuring acceptable end-use performance?

Speaker Background

Babatunde A. Ogunnaike is the William L. Friend Chaired Professor of chemical engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Delaware. He received the B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria; the M.S. degree, in Statistics and the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering both from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is the author or co-author of four books including a widely used textbook, Process Dynamics, Modeling and Control, and Random Phenomena: Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers. His awards include the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 1998 CAST Computing Practice Award, the 2007 ISA Eckman Award, and the 2008 AACC Control Engineering Practice award. He was named a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2009, a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2015; he was also elected to fellowship of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering and elected to the US National Academy of Engineering both in 2012.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Michael’s at Shoreline
2960 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA



6 PM social hour
7 PM dinner
8 PM lecture


Employed/postdoc Student/unemployed/retired
Early Registration  $30 $15
Registration $35 $20
Walk-in (not guaranteed) $40 $25

Lecture-only is free.



We accept cash or checks at the door, or online payment via credit card. No-shows are responsible for full payment of registration fee.


Please register below or contact:

Syed Askari
email: syed.askari@gmail.com
phone: 408-410-0580

Deadline for registration:

11:59PM, Tuesday, November 8 for early registration discount.
5:00PM, Tuesday, November 15 for regular registration.

Dinner Selection:

Seafood - Broiled Salmon with lemon beurre blanc
Chicken - Breast of Chicken, Florentine
Vegetarian - Penne Pasta with grilled Zucchini and Mozzarella

You should receive confirmation of your registration; if not, please contact us again.

Price: $0.00

Date: November 16, 2016

Michael's at Shoreline
Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park
Mountain View, CA
94043 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

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