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Polymer Scientist

• Solid knowledge of structure-processing-property relationships in polymer science
• Rich laboratory experience in polymer synthesis, processing, and characterization
• An interactive and responsible team person with strong interpersonal skills
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Experienced Chemical and Polymer Engineer

Technical professional with nineteen years of industrial experience developing innovative process technologies and products in the plastic recycling industry. Background in chemical engineering with extensive experience in both domestic and foreign markets. An energetic leader with excellent communication and analytical skills. Continue reading

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Materials Engineer (Masters) specialized in polymer science and characterization

• Result-oriented materials engineering professional with 4 years of experience in chemistry/polymer labs,
• Strongly knowledgeable about ISO and ASTM standards for plastics,
• Contribute to polymer extrusion, injection molding processes,
• Executed physical, mechanical, and thermal characterization techniques of polymeric composites,
• Process optimizer through DOE, Statistical analyst having prior experience in analyzing data with JMP and SPSS,
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Polymer Scientist Seeking Full Time Job

– Expert in polymer engineering, physics and chemistry related to the processing-structure-property relationship of multiphase polymeric systems.
– Strong leadership skills and excellent team player with profound interpersonal and management skills.
– Experienced in polymer co/extrusion, reaction injection molding, casting and also post-processing techniques.
– Experienced in characterizing polymers by DMA, DSC, TGA, TMA, X-ray, AFM, SEM, TEM, FTIR, BET, and mechanical testing.
– Experienced in technical presentations, reports, scholarly publications (30 peer-reviewed papers) and familiar with patent writing. Continue reading

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Materials Organic Chemist

Seeking position…… Experience: organic chemistry, materials chemistry, photonics, synthesis, ca. 11 years Work on bench, moving into supervisory role Contact details: Fenton Heirtzler 1034 Colorado Avenue, Apt. 1-D Palo Alto, California 94303 Tel: +1 301-312-5145 e-mail: URL: Citizenship: … Continue reading

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Polymer Engineer

My areas of expertise are:
• Research & Development
• Engineering
• Product Development
• Product Launches
• Technical Sales
• Team building/ Leadership
• Customer Relationships
• Communication
• Public Speaking, Presentation
• Project Management
• QC/ QA
• Consulting
• Event/Exhibition Management
• Lab Testing/ Calibration
• Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency
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Organic Materials Chemistry

Expertise and Skills:
• Organic synthesis: Multi-step syntheses of heterocyclic and heteroaromatic compounds using air, temperature and moisture sensitive materials on 0.1 – 100 g scale, Schlenk apparatus and anaerobic glove boxes. See attached document, 15 05 26 Reaction_Summary_Heirtzler.pdf.
• Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis of metalloorganic complexes of Cu(I), Ag(I), Co(II), Ru(II) and Zn(II).
• Purification: Column chromatography, distillation and recrystallization.
• Characterization: Familiar with Varian/Agilent NMR spectrometers, fluorescence spectrometers, GC-MS and HPLC.
• Databases: SciFinder, Reaxys and Web of Science.
• Software: MS Office, ChemDraw, iNMR, GraphicConverter and EndNote.
• Management: Six years’ experience in directing own research group.
• Authorship: Track record of creating and writing successful funding proposals, research publications and industrial research reports.
• Foreign languages: Semi-fluent German speaker, basic communication skills in French.
• Dec. 2014 – April 2015: Independent Consultant/Research Scientist (Organic Chemistry), Capacitor Sciences, Inc., Menlo Park, California USA.
o Design, synthesis and documentation of organic materials for molecular capacitors with new start-up company. Results: designed three perylene diimide-type candidate structures and synthesized three members of one such family; set up and organized preparative Chemistry laboratory without assistance and “from scratch”.
• Jan. 2009 – Aug. 2011 and June 2014 – Oct. 2014: Independent, Volunteer Scientist, Rutgers Univ. Camden, New Jersey, USA.
o Synthesisis of liquid crystalline, hybrid organic-inorganic and frequency-doubling materials. Results: (1) discovery of a novel, very potent, supramolecular frequency-doubling transition metal complex; (2) two peer-reviewed publications.
• Aug. 2011 – May 2014: Research Director and Assistant Professor, Univ. Alaska Fairbanks, USA.
o Design and synthesis of organic materials for supramolecular coordination complexes. Results: (1) developed synthetic route to an absolutely chiral organic ligand for absolutely chiral coordination complexes with transition metal salts; (2) trained one PhD-level graduate student and four undergraduate students in the research lab.
• Jan. 2009- Jan. 2011: Part-time Visiting Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton New York, USA.
o UV-NIR analysis of chemically doped semiconducting polymers. Results: authored internal progress report.
• Aug. 2005 – Sept. 2007: Research Associate, Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
o (1) Synthesis of Sterically Demanding Sulfininimines and their Cluster Complexes with Transition Metals; (2) Synthesis of Hydrocarbon-soluble Heterobicyclic Compounds for Formation of Hexameric Rosette Nanotubes. Results: (1) one research poster presented at conference; (2) Nanotubes containing C18-alkoxy chains prepared and characterized using electron microscopy; (3) co-author on one peer-reviewed research paper.
• Aug. 2004 – Aug. 2005: Research Assistant Professor, Univ. Nevada, Reno, Nevada, USA.
o Design and Synthesis of a Three-fold Asymmetric Molecular Rotor. Result: Promising structure for molecular rotor defined and synthesis thereof partially accomplished.
• Aug. 1999 – Sept. 2003: Research Director and Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Univ. Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK.
o (1) Research synthesis of lipophillic quinoxaline/pyridine hybrid compounds and their dimetallic complexes; (2) preparation of funding proposals to support research efforts; (3) mentoring of graduate students and undergraduates in research laboratory; Results: (1) Lipophillic complexes of four different compounds prepared and characterized; (2) three different funding proposals prepared, of which two were funded; (3) two graduate students mentored until completion of their degrees and approximately eight undergraduates mentored until completion of their research projects; (4) six peer-reviewed research papers published.
• Aug. 1995 – Aug. 1999: Independent Researcher, Univ. Basel, Basel City, Switzerland.
o Research synthesis of pyrazine/pyridine hybrid ligands for supramolecular transition metal complexes. Results: (1) 10 such derivatives were prepared and spectroscopically characterized, as were the metallosupramolecular complexes of 4 of them; (2) 8 peer-reviewed research papers published.
• Sept. 1993- Aug. 1995: Post-doctoral Researcher and Teaching Assistant, Univ. Basel, Basel City, Switzerland.
o Synthesis of Unsymmetrically substituted 2,2′:6′,2″:6″,2″‘-Quaterpyridine derivatives and the stereoselective self-assembly of their helical, dimeric coordination complexes. Results: (1) 9 such derivatives were prepared and spectroscopically characterized, as were their metallosupramolecular complexes; (2) 3 peer-reviewed research papers published.
• Dr. rer. Nat. in Organic Chemistry (equivalent to American PhD degree), Institute for Organic Chemistry, Technical Univ. Braunschweig, Lower Saxony/FRG. Thesis director: Prof. Dr. H. Hopf (Thesis title: Design, Preparation and Use of Bis-[2.2.2]paracyclophanes for Bis-pi-Complexation of Labile Metal Atoms).
• M. Sc. Organic Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, Michigan/USA. Thesis director: Prof. P. J. Wagner (Thesis title: Photochemistry of Acylphenyl Olefinic Esters).
• B. Sc. Chemistry, McGill Univ., Montreal, PQ/Canada.
• Recipient of “Treubel Fonds” Fellowship. Two-year salary for independent chemistry researcher active at the Univ. Basel, with a total value of ca. SFr. 108,300 ($ 82,000).
Publications and Presentations:
• A full list of 30 peer-reviewed publications, poster presentations, and electronic reprints is available upon request.
• A list of 17 oral presentations held in the US and Europe is available upon request.
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Chemical Engineering PhD specialised in Materials/Polymer Science

David Nieto Simavilla 2612 G Street, Apt 11. Sacramento, CA 95816. Phone: (312) 823-8090 E-Mail: Experimental Design, Setup and Validation: – Engineering and assembly of a novel Infrared Imaging experimental setup to measure thermal transport properties of oriented materials. … Continue reading

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