Novel Monomers and Polymers as Nanostructured Materials


Novel Monomers & Polymers as Nanostructured Materials & Delivery Vehicles

Prof. Todd Emrick
Director, Materials Research Science & Engineering Center
Associate Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


This presentation will describe new developments in polymer chemistry and materials science, starting from the synthesis of new monomers and polymers, and extending to the application of new polymers in both materials and biological applications. Specific topics to be described include: (1) the synthesis of polymer-nanoparticle composites, in which reactive functional groups present on the nanoparticle surface prove critically important to the preparation of novel nanostructured materials, which are relevant for a broad range of applications including reinforcement additives and the active layer of solar cells; (2) the synthesis of new monomers for ring-opening polymerization, including catalyzed polymerization of functional lactones to give polyesters, and metathesis polymerization of functional cyclic olefins to give polyolefins with tailored pendent groups; and (3) examination of novel hydrophilic polyesters and polyolefins in therapeutic applications, including gene therapy, working from the premise that new materials need to be considered for addressing difficult-to-treat diseases.


Speaker Background

Todd Emrick currently is Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the department of Polymer Science and Engineering. His research interests include synthetic organic and polymer chemistry, functionalization of nanoparticles including quantum dots and bionanoparticles (i.e., ferritin and plant virus particles), graft copolymers for therapeutic applications, and thermally responsive materials. His current research program emphasizes the synthesis of new materials, including polymers, particles, and composite materials, that target a variety of applications in materials science and therapeutics. New synthetic methods are required to overcome limitations of conventional polymers and particles that can be purchased commercially. This research has produced new functionalized materials that are tailored for interfacial assembly, biocompatibility, encapsulation, and targeting. He received his B.S. Chemistry from Juniata College, Huntingdon, and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Chicago.



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