Flexible Magnetics: Magnetic Nanostructures, Magnetic Lithography, and Novel Hybrid Systems on ...



August 26 Dinner Lecture
Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View

"Flexible Magnetics: Magnetic Nanostructures,
Magnetic Lithography, and Novel Hybrid Systems
on Thin Plastic Substrates"

Zvonimir Bandic
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
San Jose Research Center


Flexible Magnetics stands for the design, fabrication and characterization
of magnetic devices and systems built on thin flexible substrates.
One application of flexible magnetics relevant to magnetic recording
and information storage industry is magnetic lithography. Magnetic
lithography is a process qualitatively analogous to contact optical
lithography in which information from a nanopatterned magnetic mask
(analog of optical photomask) instantaneously transfers to magnetic
media (analog of photoresist). We discuss nanofabrication challenges
of magnetic masks on plastic substrates and present results on fabricated
magnetic masks as well as magnetic force microscopy images of the
magnetic transition patterns. Besides fabrication of magnetic
nanostructures and devices on plastic substrates, we also present our
results on fabrication of nanochannels and self-assembled ordered arrays
of nanodots in polyimide films. Nanoscale patterned plastic films are
interesting for potential application in patterned magnetic media, as
well as for application in micro- and nano-fluidics, due to the mechanical
flexibility and biological inertness of plastic materials. We discuss
interesting biosensing systems that may result from synergy of magnetic
nanostructure functionality, electronic control, and patterned nanofluidic
channels on plastic substrates.

Speaker Background:

Zvonimir Z. Bandic obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering
from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia and his MS and PhD in
Applied Physics from Caltech for his work on design, characterization
and fabrication of electronic and optical devices based on wide bandgap
semiconductors GaN and ZnS. After working as a Research Staff Member
at IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, he became a Research Staff
Member at the Hitachi San Jose Research Center. His current areas of
research include design, nanofabrication and characterization of electronic
and magnetic devices and systems.



DATE: Thursday, Aug. 26

Location: Michael's at Shoreline
(see directions below)

Timing: 6 PM social hour
7 PM dinner
8 PM lecture

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Restaurant's web page directions

From 101 in Mountain View, take the Shoreline Boulevard
Exit, turning toward the bay. Drive past the Shoreline
Amphitheater and go straight ahead, entering into
Shoreline Park. After a mile or so inside the park,
a sign for Michael's will direct you to turn left into
the parking lot for Michael's.
Address: 2960 N Shoreline Blvd.
Restaurant phone: 650-962-1014
(do not call restaurant for reservations)


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