Materials Organic Chemist

Seeking position……
Experience: organic chemistry, materials chemistry, photonics, synthesis, ca. 11 years
Work on bench, moving into supervisory role

Contact details:
Fenton Heirtzler
1034 Colorado Avenue, Apt. 1-D
Palo Alto, California 94303
Tel: +1 301-312-5145
Citizenship: USA

Expertise and Skills:
More than ten cumulative years’ of strong knowledge in organic chemistry reactions and mechanisms
More than ten cumulative years’ experience in route selection, multi-step synthesis, purification and analytical characterization of new chemical entities
Have recently lead the design and setup of a preparative chemistry lab.
More than ten years’ demonstrated hands-on proficiency in heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry – see publications list.
More than ten years’ of cumulative working knowledge of analytical instrumentation (HPLC, LC-MS, NMR) for purification and structural determination of small molecules.
design and execution of multi-step syntheses, isolations, separations, purifications and crystallizations – details provided during interview.
Highly experienced in use of preparative silica gel chromatographic separations and some analytical separations involving HPLC and GC.
More than ten years’ familiarity and competence with modern spectroscopic methods applied to structure determination, including 1H and 13C NMR, infra-red spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (EI-MS, GC-MS, ES-MS and TOF-MS).
Extensive knowledge of modern synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry.
Database knowledge: SciFinder and Reaxys.
No limitations on discussing prior experiences in detail throughout interview process.
Leadership skills in training and management of BSc-level chemists.
Accountability for and leadership of small project teams.
Experienced in providing direction to members of project teams the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation, considering economic, regulatory and safety factors.
Skilled in communication of results in a team-based environment using highly organized oral and written presentations.
More than 10 – 15 years experience in writing concise procedures and reports.
More than 10 – 15 years experience in making contributions to scientific literature and conferences through publication and presentation of research results.
Experience with additional instrumentation: DSC, CV and UV-vis.

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