1-micron thick Organic Electronics (T. Sekitani, Osaka U.)


“1-μm Thick Organic Electronics:  Going Thin for Ultraflexible, Stretchable, and Scalable Biomedical Sensors”

Prof. Tsuyoshi Sekitani, PhD

Osaka University


This talk will provide a review of our latest work in the area of large-area, ultraflexible, stretchable electronics. Our work focused on 1-µm-thick ultra-flexible, -thin and -lightweight organic electronics for next-generation wearable electronics, biomedical sensors, and intelligent welfare.

Ultraflexible, stretchable electronics are a recent branch of electronics mainly driven by research on organic materials, device physics, and process engineering by the manufacture of thin-film transistors (TFTs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and photodetectors (PDs) on polymeric plastic substrates. On the basis of our initial work on manufacturing flexible organic circuits including TFTs, LEDs, and PDs, we developed organic flexible electronics with application to large-area sensors and actuators [1-7].

Recently, ultraflexible and lightweight electronics are manufactured on 1-µm-thick plastic substrates [8-11]. These devices are over ten times thinner, lighter, and more flexible than electronics of any technology to date. For example, by taking advantage of an ultraflexible and compliant amplifier that can amplify biological signals by 500, we developed 64-channel active matrix electrocardiogram and electromyogram monitoring systems. Ultrathin electronics with a total thickness of approximately 1–2 µm allow bending to a radius of less than 10 µm. Such foils can be even crumpled without electronic failure, paving the way for imperceptible electronics.

The final part of the talk will comprise issues considered to be bottlenecks, delaying future advances. Finally, the future prospects for these electronics will be discussed. This talk will demonstrate the promising future of organic electronics for the next generation of biomedical applications, offering scientific curiosity and real-world applications.


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Speaker Background

Tsuyoshi Sekitani received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 2001 and 2003, respectively. From 2003 to 2010, he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo. In 2011, he was an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. In 2014, he advanced to the role of Professor in The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University. His current research interests include organic transistors, flexible electronics, plastic integrated circuits, large-area sensors, and plastic actuators. He received several awards, including the 2009 and 2010 Paul Rappaport Award for the best paper in the 2009 and 2010 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.


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