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Introduction and Status of PFAS, a Diverse Family of >12,000 Forever Chemicals by Nadine Ding, Ph.D. Volwiler Fellow with Abbott Laboratories


Introduction and Status of PFAS, a Diverse Family of >12,000 Forever Chemicals

Nadine Ding, Ph.D.

Volwiler Fellow

Abbott Laboratories

Thursday, October 26,  Webinar at 6:30 PM Pacific time


PFAS news has bombarded the airway, news media, and social media recently. One may ask exactly what PFAS chemicals are and why they are forever chemicals. This webinar will discuss the diverse nature of PFAS. Using PTFE synthesis as an example, I will discuss the source of PFAS contamination on the environment and humans. While low molecular weight PFAS surfactants are toxic, high molecular weight polymeric PFAS are “polymers with low concern” by European policy guideline, and they play a critical role in many 21st century technologies and in our daily life. I will briefly discuss the multitude of PFAS applications in a wide variety of technologies, and then provide a detailed focus through the example of one medical device in order to illustrate the benefit/risk profile of using fluoropolymers. In the presentation, I will also discuss the proposed regulations across different geographies and their potential impact on industrial use and on society.

Speaker Background

Dr. Nadine Ding is a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. She is also a Volwiler Fellow with Abbott Laboratories. She was the design leader of XIENCE drug eluting stent (DES), the flagship product of Abbott Vascular, where she was responsible for the polymer selection, drug release profile design, coating formulation development and refinement, coating and product characterization, the product scale-up, and troubleshooting/OOS (Out-of-spec) investigation. She also made critical contributions to worldwide regulatory filings and approvals and to later generation XIENCE product design and manufacturing.  Nadine’s other expertise areas include bioresobable polymer design and characterization for short- and long-term implants, lubricious coating design and troubleshooting, material biocompatibility assessment, restrictive substance assessment, and PFAS impact assessment.  Nadine has over 100 US patents. She received her PhD degree in chemistry/polymer science from the University of Southern California.

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