Slot Die Coating: How Precision Fluid Coating Impacts Optical and Energy Storage Products


“Slot Die Coating Technology & How Precision Fluid Coating Impacts Optical and Energy Storage Products”

Mark Miller
Coating Tech Slot Dies

When you look at a roll of tape, there are two parts – the plastic substrate and the adhesive. The plastic substrate is produced via an extrusion die and the adhesive is coated via slot die. But adhesive tapes are only one of the plethora of products that utilize slot die coating technology to place a fluid onto a substrate.

Slot die coating technology is a function of the coating process, auxiliary system, and fundamental technique. The decision to utilize a coating technology needs to be analyzed against these functions to determine best fit. In the era of clean, thin, and precise converting operations, a customized coating system is necessary to have a technical edge. Building the system from the material up to the process sets the stage for a high precision tool designed around the process needs.

This material-up building process begins with the rheology of the fluid. Rheology is the study of flow. When you talk about squeezing, spreading, or lubricating a fluid, you are talking rheology. When you apply a force that causes a fluid to move, rupture, or flow you are describing a rheological force. Understanding rheology is fundamental to building fluid coating processes and in particular a slot die coating head.

The dramatic increase in the expectations of coated products, in areas as diverse as optical films to battery technology, has put substantial pressure on the systems used to produce the next generation of coated products. With increased speeds, thinner coatings and increased functional performance, awareness of coating techniques and technologies is required. The world is changing and new tools are needed to compete in the changing world markets.

An awareness of coating techniques, technologies, and systems allow for novel adaptations and application to new market opportunities. Rheological understanding and an application to slot die technology provides innovative tools that will help coating companies improve precision, tackle new markets, and develop new processes.

Speaker Background

Mark Miller’s first introduction to the world of slot die coating was in 1996, when he was learning the technology at 3M company. Today, Mark and Tim Marion own and operate the slot die manufacturing company Coating Tech Slot Dies. Coating Tech Slot Dies supplies precision equipment to the finest coating companies around the globe. They also operate Coating Tech Institute, a user conference designed for engineers and operators to learn slot die technology for immediate implementation at their site. In addition, Mark also operates Coating Tech Service, a slot die consulting company that has helped start-up companies and established businesses improve efficiencies and increase capability. He has presented papers at AIMCAL, PSTC, CONVERTECH, AWA, and countless other conferences held for the converting industry. More information can be found at


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