"Electrically-Assisted Transdermal Drug Delivery", Brad Phipps, ALZA


The Golden Gate Polymer Forum  --  December Dinner Lecture
        Monday, Dec. 11
       Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park, Mountain View

"Electrically-Assisted Transdermal Drug Delivery"
Brad Phipps, Vice President, Drug Device Research, ALZA Corporation

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Patients often prefer transdermal patches to the inconvenience of multiple pills or painful injections.  However, many drugs are too large, too hydrophilic, or simply lack the potency to be delivered through the skin at therapeutic rates.  This limitation has inspired the development of new methods for enhancing transdermal delivery.   Transdermal systems are being developed that disrupt the skin with microneedles or radio-frequency ablation, or enhance molecular transport by applying thermal or ultrasonic energy, or drive ionic compounds through the skin using an electric field.   
This presentation will focus on the development of a transdermal system incorporating many polymeric components and electronic circuitry for patient-activated drug delivery.   Technical and regulatory challenges will be highlighted to illustrate unique issues associated with the development of drug-device combination products.

                Speaker Background:
Brad Phipps is a Distinguished Research Fellow and Vice President of Drug-Device Research for ALZA Corporation (a Johnson and Johnson Company) in Mountain View.  He is responsible for research and early development activities using ALZA’s E-TRANS
technology.  After completing his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, he pursued a career in medical technology research at Medtronic, Inc.  In 1991,
he joined ALZA Corporation as Director of Research for Transdermal Technology, managing the development of novel electronic systems for noninvasive drug delivery across skin.  He
has held the positions of Vice President of Transdermal R&D and Vice President of Biomedical Engineering. To date, he has received 30 US patents and has published more than 30 journal articles and book chapters in the field of transdermal drug delivery.
DATE:         Monday, Dec. 11
Location:        Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park, Mountain View
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