Polythiophene Based Plexcore Technology


Poly(thiophene) Based Plexcore® Technology for Applications in Organic Printed Electronics

Dr. Venkatarmanan Seshadri

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ATTENTION:  There is a New Venue this month, Ming's Restaurant in Palo Alto.  Do not go to Michael's Restaurant in Mountain View.



The dawn of new era of organic electronics has heralded an advent of molecules with a variety of optical and electronic properties.  Poly(thiophene) has earned a special niche in the field of conjugated polymers, owing to the ease of their synthesis, handling and environmental stability.  Herein, we will show poly(thiophenes) donning a variety of roles ranging from a semi-conductor to stably doped conductors and their applications in optoelectronic devices.  Plextronics Inc. has utilized the versatility of poly(thiophenes) to develop Plexcore® technology platform and commercially applied these materials in printed electronic devices for low-cost lighting and power applications.   Plextronics utilizes the ability of these materials to be solution processable, to develop a variety of inks as well as coating techniques thereof.   Plexcore® OC, a solution processable hole injection layers (HIL) ink plays a significant role in bringing down the device voltage and improving the lifetimes of organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices by about 1.5-2.0X, when used with commercial emitters.  Organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells show promise as an alternative technology to silicon-based photovoltaics due to processing, mechanical flexibility and low cost.  Extremely low material consumption of ultrathin OPV devices, leading to low fabrication costs and compatibility with flexible substrates are some of the most attractive features of OPV technology.  Plextronics has utilized its expertise with poly(thiophene)s to develop a world-record setting OPV technology, Plexcore® PV.  Some results with the same will be discussed and it will be shown that tuning of the electronic properties of the system can be achieved via optimization of functional groups on polymers, thus enabling different applications for polythiophenes, to further drive performance improvement.




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