Compositional Depth Profiling


Compositional Depth Profiling of Surface Modified and Multi-Layer Polymers

John S. Hammond, Ph.D.

Physical Electronics

A joint meeting with the Northern California SAS



The recent developments of polymers that can be used as controlled drug release matrices, conductive membranes for fuel cells and novel photovoltaic matrices, and multi-layer polymers for Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have expanded the analytical requirements for these two widely used techniques.  Today, there is a critical need to provide the quantitative elemental, chemical and molecular information as a function of depth from the outermost surface of the polymer.  To answer this need, cluster ion beam depth profiling, in conjunction with XPS and TOF-SIMS analysis can now analyze chemical and molecular gradients over a range of one micron.
The presentation will first discuss the profiling mechanism of the interaction of Buckminster Fullerene ions, C60+, with different types of radiation sensitive polymer materials.  Highlights will then be presented of the complementary analytical information provided by XPS and TOF-SIMS.  The analysis of three types of materials will then be explored:   the compositional profiling of a block co-polymer, a multi-layer OLED structure and the 3 dimensional composition of the drug in an implantable controlled release polymer.


Speaker Background

In 1980, John joined Physical Electronics and has held a number of management positions in the Analytical Laboratory and Marketing Departments.  For several years, John was the Product Director for Physical Electronics XPS and TOF-SIMS instrumentation.   John is currently a Fellow with Physical Electronics in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and lectures extensively worldwide on the applications of surface analysis techniques





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