Hydrogen Purification and CO2 Sequestration using Polymeric Membranes


Hydrogen Purification and CO2 Sequestration using Polymeric Membranes

Haiqing Lin, Ph.D.

Senior Research Engineer

Membrane Technology & Research, Inc.



Hydrogen attracts great attention in part because it can function as an energy carrier without releasing greenhouse gases such as CO2.  Today, however, hydrogen is produced principally by steam reforming of hydrocarbons followed by the water-gas shift reaction, which yields a hydrogen product containing impurities such as CO2.  This CO2 must be separated and, in the future, sequestrated.  Membrane technology is an attractive approach to this gas separation application because of its inherent advantages such as high energy efficiency, good reliability, and small footprint.  Structure and property correlation has been explored to design polymeric membrane materials with high CO2 permeability and high CO2/H2 selectivity.  More specifically, this talk will discuss the modification of poly(ethylene oxide) containing polymers for improvement in CO2/H2 separation performance.  The membrane system designs and simulations for hydrogen purification and CO2 sequestration will also be discussed.


Speaker Background

Haiqing Lin joined Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. in 2005 after obtaining his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of polymeric membrane science, in Prof. Benny Freeman's group.



Monday, May 18


Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park
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