Rheological Characterization of Aqueous Polymer Solutions and Gels


Rheological Characterization of Aqueous Polymer Solutions and Gels

W.-Michael Kulicke
Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry
University of Hamburg, Germany


The applicability of linear or branched polymers/polyelectrolytes from various sources depends on their viscoelasticity. Therefore, the detection of the elasticity and viscosity yield depending on molar mass, coil size and concentration in a given solvent is a prerequisite. The determination of these important material functions can be achieved via steady shear flow, small-amplitude oscillatory shear and elongational flow. For low elasticities, rheo-optical investigations are necessary, for example, in case of medical applications of hyaluronic acid (ophthalmo-surgery, therapy of arthrosis). Hydrogels, on the other hand, are water-swellable networks. Such networks can be formed by cross-linking macromolecules like renewable resources, synthetic ones and biopolymers. Besides swelling investigations which are limited in their validity, rheological measurements allow the determination of the viscoelasticity. From small-amplitude oscillatory shear, the complex dynamic viscosity and the loss and storage moduli can be determined. From these material functions, network structure parameters, such as network density, the distance between two entanglement points and entanglement molar mass can be determined. This allows an optimization in the applications and/or finding new fields of application like superabsorbers, ultrasound gels, wound dressings. Some examples from technical, cosmetic and medical applications will be demonstrated and discussed.

Speaker Background

1969: chemical engineer in Isny/Allgäu, 1969 – 1972: undergraduate study at University of Braunschweig, 1976: postgraduate degree in Technical Chemistry at Braunschweig, 1976/77: post-doc stay at the Polymer Science and Engineering Department Amherst MA, USA, 1980: habilitation (professorial qualification) at the University of Braunschweig, 1985: C2 professorship and since 1992 C3 professorship at University of Hamburg



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