Nanobreadboards and Self-Orienting Polymers


Nanobreadboards and Self-Orienting Polymers: An Introduction to (Synthetic) DNA Nanotechnology

Rebecca Schulman
Miller Fellow, Department of Physics
University of California, Berkeley


Biology self-assembles structures with nanoscale precision that can grow, adapt to their environment, and even self-replicate. These complex behaviors are the result of complex networks of chemical reactions consisting of hundreds or even thousands of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids with particular concentrations and reaction rates. While building synthetic networks is still out of reach, we can explore complex self-assembly using synthetic DNA. DNA's well-understood chemistry and sequence-specific chemical interfaces allow us to "program" self-assembly reactions with many components that yield predictable results. Dynamic cascades of reactions can be organized by building metastable structures and controlling access to catalysts and molecular fuel that can drive changes in form. We can use DNA to build not just double helices, but branched 2- and 3-dimensional structures, nanotubes, and other polymers shapes. These structures can serve as "nanobreadboards" with complex patterns that can serve as templates for nanoparticles or proteins. Further, we can start to think about assembling these structures in complex geometries. As an example, I'll talk about building scaffolds for self-guiding wires, i.e. the self-assembly of nanotubes between two terminals where the locations of the end points are uncertain.



Thursday October 14


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