Multi-Functional Nanoparticle Coatings


Multi-Functional Nanoparticle Coatings

Prof. Michael Rubner
TDK Professor of Polymer Materials Science & Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


A wide range of materials including charged polymers and nanoparticles can be sequentially assembled onto surfaces from aqueous solutions to form conformal thin film coatings with properties that are tunable at the nanoscale. These multilayer thin film coatings can be constructed from polymers, polymer-nanoparticle combinations and all nanoparticle assemblies. By controlling simple processing conditions such as solution pH and ionic strength, thin films with dramatically different properties can be constructed from the same materials. Nanoparticle assemblies designed to contain spatially periodic nanoporous regions can be used to create broadband anti-reflection coatings, highly reflective structural color coatings and templates for capillary condensation of functional molecules. The mechanical robustness of these coatings can be significantly enhanced by chemical and/or hydrothermal treatments that either introduce chemical crosslinks or partially fuse the nanoparticles together. Nanoscale control over film thickness and architecture has enabled the development of a variety of multi-functional coatings exhibiting anti-reflection, anti-fogging and self-cleaning capabilities. Examples of these varied functional coatings will be described as well as the science and engineering underlying their unique capabilities.


Speaker Background

Dr. Rubner received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (summa cum laude, 1982) and his Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1986) while a staff member in GTE Laboratories, accruing over twelve years industrial experience before accepting a faculty position at MIT in 1986. He is currrently the Director of the Center for Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. Rubner has given more than 190 invited lectures and published more than 200 technical papers, including five book chapters, and is holder of nine U.S. patents. From 1995-1999, he was U. S. Editor of Supramolecular Science (Elsevier), and serves on the Board of Directors for the Materials Research Society. His current interests include molecularly assembled PEM thin films as multifunctional coatings providing new capabilities in thin film optics, extreme surface wetting and biomaterial interface design.



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