GGPF January Lecture - Thermedics - Medical Polyurethanes


January Dinner Lecture
Wednesday, January 27


"Polyurethanes for Medical Applications"Dr. Anthony Walder Technical Director of Thermedics Inc.

Wednesday, January 27, 1999
Location: Capriccio Ristorante Italiano
325 Sharon Park Drive (Sharon Heights Shopping Center), Menlo Park, CA
Restaurant phone: (650)- 854-6822

Social Hour: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm
Talk: 8:00 pm
Dinner Choices: Chicken Picata, Calamari Siciliana, Capellini Con Pomodoro Fresco (Vegetarian), or Salmon

Cost: $30

RESERVATIONS: Call or e-mail one or both of the following contact persons. Please indicate a dinner selection and contact information (how we can reach you).

Allen Nixon
(650) 361-5535
and / or
Khushroo Gandhi
(650) 494-0701

RESERVATION DEADLINE: 5 pm, January 26. Note: We must ask you to be liable for the cost of your dinner if you register and do not attend; cancellations may be made up to the registration deadline.

"Polyurethanes for Medical Applications"

Dr. Anthony Walder Technical Director of Thermedics Inc. Woburn, MA

The versatility of polyurethanes, along with their strength, flexibility and biocompatibility make polyurethanes a material used for many different medical devices. Polyurethanes are made from three basic chemicals. Polyurethanes with different properties can be obtained by changing the types of chemicals or the ratios of the chemicals. How the chemicals are mixed, the classes of polyurethane synthesis and how the final devices (components) are made will be discussed.

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