Shape-Persistent and Self-Healing Polymers (Xia - Stanford)


“Shape-Persistent and Self-Healing Polymers Enabled by Efficient Chemistries”

Prof. Yan Xia
Stanford University

Properties of polymeric materials are strongly influenced by polymer architecture, chain conformation, and interactions between polymer chains. Harnessing the power of efficient catalytic chemistries, our lab has developed new synthetic approaches for a variety of novel polymer materials, including shape-persistent ladder polymers, bottlebrush polymers, and rapidly self-healing hydrogels. The shape-persistent ladder polymers are connected with rigid two-bond linkages between every repeat unit. These ladder polymers have fixed conformations based on the design of monomer structures, regardless of the physical state of the polymer. They remain soluble in organic solvents, and exhibit high surface area and intrinsic microporosity as well as excellent thermal stability. Applications of ladder polymers as separation membrane, low dielectric materials, and nanostructured carbon precursor will be discussed. We also developed bottlebrush block copolymers with extended conformations, which self-assemble into photonic crystals and result in nanostructures inaccessible for linear polymers. At the end, I will show efficient dynamic chemistry has enabled our development of bioactive hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties and rapid self-healing under biocompatible physiological conditions.

Speaker Background

Dr. Yan Xia obtained his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Peking University and Ph. D. degree in Chemistry from Caltech in 2010, focusing on the design and efficient syntheses of various polymer architectures. Following his PhD, he worked at Dow Chemical as a senior chemist and at MIT as a postdoctoral associate. He joined the chemistry department of Stanford University as an assistant professor in 2013 to establish his own research group in polymer chemistry and soft materials. His research interests lie in the design, synthesis, and manipulation of polymers and soft materials using efficient chemistries and advanced characterization tools to achieve unique macromolecular conformations, interactions, and materials properties.


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