Prof. James E. McGrath - Advances in Organosiloxane Copolymers



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GGPF October Dinner Lecture
Thursday, Oct. 21

"Advances in Organosiloxane Copolymers"
Prof. James E. McGrath, University Distinguished Professor of the Dept. of Chemistry, and Director of the NSF Science and Technology Center on High Performance Polymeric Adhesives and Composites, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

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See also some other local meetings of interest following the GGPF October meeting details.

GGPF October Dinner Lecture - Details

Date: Thursday, Oct. 21

Location: Ming's Restaurant, 1700 Embarcadaro Road, Palo Alto.

Timing: 6:00 social hour
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8:00 lecture

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Ming's is just off the Embarcadaro Road exit from Highway 101 in Palo Alto. From 101, take the Embarcadara Road exit east (toward the Bay); Ming's will be on the corner of the first, immediate intersection (on the right side of the
road). Ming's has a large parking lot which can be entered either by turning right at the
intersection and then left into the lot, or, by going straight through the intersection and then turning right into the parking lot. For emergencies, the restaurant phone number is 650-856-7700, but please do not try to call them about this event; contact one of the people above with any questions.


"Advances in Organosiloxane Copolymers"
Prof. James E. McGrath,
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Our interest in organosiloxane block and graft copolymers has persisted through both an industrial and now a rather extensive academic career. The utilization of the separate "micro" or "nano" siloxane phase to develop certain well-known characteristics has been a driving force for continued research. Current efforts involve the utilization of aminoalkyl functional
siloxanes as soft phases in segmented polyurethanes and in segmented polyimides -- the latter of which has recently been reviewed (1). Graft copolymers continue to also be of interest, and research on acrylic siloxane materials utilizing D3 initiated monomer will be reviewed. The siloxane oligomer synthesis via industrially viable pathways remains the most challenging feature for these important materials. Various routes to making both primary and secondary carbanol or amino functional systems have been developed and their value in the synthesis and characterization of the polyimide, polycarbonate, poly(arylene ether), polyurea and polyurethane systems will be emphasized. Recently, nanostructured copolymers derived from poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide) siloxane block copolymers have been prepared in well defined microphase separated systems. The
phosphorus oxygen bond has been demonstrated to have the ability to complex various metal salts and even nanosilica in ways that could produce
interesting materials for electrical or optical applications. The synthesis and characterization of these materials will be reviewed.

J.E. McGrath, D.L. Dunson, S.J. Mecham, and J.L. Hedrick, "Synthesis and Characterization of Segmented Polyimide-Polyorganosiloxane Copolymers,"
Advances in Polymer Science, Vol. 140, p. 61 (1999).

Other Local Events of Interest in October:

Two polymer-related lectures, open to the public, at UC Berkeley in the College of Chemistry:

Tues., Oct. 19, the Kenneth S. Pitzer Lecture at 4:00 PM, Pitzer Auditorium, Latimer Hall, U.C. Berkeley campus: Prof. Joshua Jortner, Dept. of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University "On Dynamics. From Large Molecules to Biomolecules"

Wed., Oct. 20, the G. N. Lewis Lecture at 4:00 PM, Pitzer Auditorium, Latimer Hall, U.C. Berkeley campus: Prof. Robert Langer, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, M.I.T. "Polymers for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering"

Note: Prof. Langer gave a similar lecture for the GGPF a couple years ago, and it was very well received and well attended; he is extremely well known in the drug delivery world, and is a very good speaker. This would be a good chance to see what updates have happened in the last couple years in this fast-moving application area of polymer science.

For future reference, look to the U C Berkeley College of Chemistry web site at

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