Fabrication of Functionally-graded Biopolymer-based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications Using Adapted Polymer Processing Methods by Prof. Dilhan Kalyon, Stevens Institute of Technology



Fabrication of Functionally-graded Biopolymer-based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications Using Adapted Polymer Processing Methods

Prof. Dilhan M. Kalyon

Stevens Institute of Technology

Tuesday, November 17,   Webinar 5:30 PM Pacific time


The design and fabrication of bioresorbable polymeric graft substitutes and porous scaffolds for regenerative medicine are challenged by the complexities in structure and composition found in native tissues. The mimicking of complex gradations found in native tissues requires correspondingly complex gradations in graft substitutes and tissue engineering scaffolds. Polymer processing methods can be adapted for the fabrication of scaffolds and polymeric graft substitutes from biopolymers or suspensions/solutions of biopolymers that are functionally-graded in various directions for porosity, composition, and distributions of other tissue relevant properties. Examples will cover tissue constructs based on the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells developed using graded scaffolds fabricated with melt electrowriting, and extrusion based hybrid methods including extrusion/electrospinning, extrusion/spiral winding, and co-extrusion.

Speaker Background:

Prof. Dilhan M. Kalyon is Vice Provost of Research and Innovation as well as an Institute Professor and the Director of the Highly Filled Materials Institute at Stevens Institute of Technology. He joined Stevens in 1980 and has received over 180 contracts and grants, and co-authored over 300 publications and eight US patents. Prof. Kalyon has received the Thomas Baron award in fluid-particle systems of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the International Research award of the Society of Plastics Engineers, as well as many other awards and fellowships, too numerous to itemize here, for both research and teaching. He is a Fellow of both the Society of Plastics Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineering.

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