Stabilizing Co-Continuous Morphologies in Polymer Alloys, Professor Glenn H. Fredrickson


Stabilizing Co-Continuous Morphologies in Polymer Alloys

Glenn H. Fredrickson*

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Research Laboratory

University of California, Santa Barbara

I will discuss strategies that have emerged in recent years for the controlled preparation of polymer blends in which two or more phases retain three-dimensional continuity. Such morphologies are useful in a variety of technologies--from controlled electrical, ionic, or penetrant transport to the rubber toughening of rigid plastics. My talk will focus on novel equilibrium routes to co-continuous alloys and on a non-equilibrium strategy (involving the addition of a third-phase particulate) that was recently developed by Capitol Specialty Plastics.

* Work done in collaboration with Frank Bates, Ed Kramer, Beverly Asoo, and Michael Kapnistos

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