Polymeric Fibers with Novel Antibacterial and Antiviral Functions by Prof. Gang Sun, UC Davis



Polymeric Fibers with Novel Antibacterial and Antiviral Functions

Prof. Gang Sun

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

University of California, Davis

Wednesday, July 20, Webinar at 6:30 PM Pacific time


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous consequences to the economy and human life in the world. Personal protective equipment (PPE), especially a face mask, is a basic tool for protection of professionals and the public from infection by the disease. The PPE materials are defensive barriers that can block penetrations of and reduce personal exposure to pathogens. However, the pathogens can still survive on surfaces of PPE for days and weeks, allowing potential cross-contamination and causing human infections. Thus, the use of antibacterial and antiviral materials in PPE have been considered as an effective tool to inactivate the pathogens on the surfaces, and consequently improve protection from disease. Additionally, the daily use and consumption of face masks have brought about demand for reusability of PPE. Durability of antibacterial functionality would be a necessary feature for the reuse of the biological protective PPE materials.

In this presentation, desired biological protective functions on PPE are discussed. Two approaches, halamines and photo-sensitizers that can produce reactive oxygen species, are discussed as sample biocides to be considered in the development of reusable biological protective PPEs. The daylight-induced antiviral and antibacterial materials may serve as an example to be employed in reusable and antiviral face masks.

Speaker Background & Research Interests:

Gang Sun is a professor at UC Davis, and has been conducting research on materials, polymer/textile chemistry, and nanotechnologies since 1995, including development of novel antibacterial textiles and polymers for biological protections. Chlorine rechargeable and daylight-induced / photo-induced biocidal materials have been applied or are in the process to be employed in medical, chemical, and biological applications. Additionally, a high-throughput production process for thermoplastic nanofibers and membrane materials with chemical and biological protective functions was developed in the group. Personal-use highly sensitive and selective colorimetric and electrical sensors for pesticides and toxicants were prepared based on nanofibrous membranes. More recently, a new cooling media with non-meltable, reusable, and biodegradable features was invented in the group. Dr. Sun is a recipient of the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation and the Olney Medal from American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), and is the Editor-in-Chief of AATCC Journal of Research. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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