Monthly Dinner Meeting
October 23, 2000



James L. Hedrick

Center for Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies,
IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose


The macromolecular engineering of complex molecular
architectures through the introduction of controlled
branching or block copolymerization has continued to
assume an increasingly important theme in polymer science.
We have used a combination of different polymerization
techniques to prepare branched polymers with narrow
polydispersities and controlled molecular weights and
end-groups. Further elaboration has been demonstrated
through the use of libraries of new multifunctional
orthogonal initiators and functional dendrons together
with controlled polymerization processes. For example,
dendrimer-like star polymers are a new class of
macromolecules that allow the preparation of radial
block copolymers as well as the preparation of
topological isomers(1,2). The prepared isomers permitted
a unique opportunity to study physical and chemical
properties as a function of the molecular structure
for polymers with molecular weights of around 70,000
g/mol. Moreover, by varying the size of the dendrimer-
like star polymers they have been used to understand
differences and similarities between dendrimers and
star polymers. In the case of the dendrimer-like star
block copolymers the molecular architecture was shown
to have a pronounced affect of the morphology and
interfacial activity. These new polymers have been used
as macromolecular templates for the generation of
nanoporous low dielectric constant materials.(3)


1) Trollsås, M.; Hedrick, J. L. J. Am. Chem. Soc.
1998, 120, 4644.
2) Trollsås, M.; Claesson, H.; Atthoff, B.; Hedrick,
J. L. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 1998, 37, 3132.
3) Hedrick, J. L.; Miller, R. D.; Hawker, C. J.;
Carter, K. R.; Volksen, W.; Yoon, D. Y.; Trollsås,
M. Adv. Mater. 1998, 10, 1049.



Cost: $30 ($15 for unemployed/retired/students)

Social Hour: 6:00 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM
Talk: 8:00 PM

Location: Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View


From 101 in Mountain View, take the Shoreline Boulevard
Exit, turning toward the bay. Drive past the Shoreline
Amphitheater and go straight ahead into Shoreline
Park. After a mile or so in to the park, a sign for Michael's
will direct you to turn left into the parking lot.
Address: 2960 N Shoreline Blvd.
Restaurant phone: 650-962-1014
(do not call restaurant for reservations)


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Other events of possible interest to the
GGPF audience:

Oct. 6-7, Stanford
15th Annual William S. Johnson Symposium in
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Contact Ms. Lindi Press at (650) 723-0153.

Oct.10, Hayward
Society for Applied Spectroscopy Dinner Mtg.
"Application of MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Analyses
of Proteins from Whole Bacterial Cells and its Potential
for Species Identification", Les Harden, United States
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Oct. 11-12, Foster City
Waters Corporation 2-day seminar:
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Oct. 17, Berkeley
AIChE North Bay Dinner Meeting
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Process and Petrochemical Industries"
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Oct. 19, Dublin
The SPI will tour National Food Labs (free tour).
To RSVP, contact John LaFountain at
or 510-490-1791. For background on NFL, see:

Oct. 19, Palo Alto
Molecular Simulations, Inc. (Powder Solve software)
Seminar on "Crystal structure determination from
powder diffraction data on the PC"
free; to register or for more info, contact Deb Kelso
at 859-799-5538,

Oct. 19-20, Santa Clara
NorCal American Vaccum Society:
Chemical Mechanical Polishing and Thin Films 2000 Symposium

Oct. 21-25, Las Vegas
Oct. 21-22 GPC short course
Oct. 23-25 International GPC Symposium 2000

October 23-24, Sunnyvale
Short Course on "Practical Design and
Production of Optical Thin Films"

Oct. 25-28, San Francisco
Western Regional ACS meeting

Nov. 1-3, Palo Alto
Analytical Laboratory Manager's Association
21st Annual Conference

Nov. 2-3, San Francisco
Novel Materials for Electronics Miniaturization

Nov. 8, Sunnyvale
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Nov. 10, Milpitas
AIChE SouthBay Tour & Dinner Meeting
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Dec. 13, UC Extension, Sunnyvale
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Dec. 13, Sunnyvale
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Dave Tovar, IPAC

Dec. 13, Sunnyvale
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Rick Brackshaw

---- 2001 -----

Jan. 10, Sunnyvale
ASM dinner meeting
"Beyond Silicon: Microfabrication with Metals,
Plastics, and Ceramics"
Alfredo Morales, Sandia National Laboratories

Feb. 2-3, 2001 Stanford
4th Annual Paul Flory Conference
on Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry

Feb. 4-6, 2001, Stanford
Stanford Polymer Short Course
(right after the Flory Symposium)


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