Nanostructured(TM) Chemical Technology:A New Generation of Polymeric Materials




Monthly Dinner Meeting
Thursday, May 17, 2001
Clubhouse Restaurant
Palo Alto

"Nanostructured(TM) Chemical Technology:
A New Generation of Polymeric Materials."

Dr. Joseph Lichtenhan,
President, Hybrid Plastics,
Fountain Valley, California


In an attempt to meet the demands for a new generation
of higher performance polymeric materials, the U.S.
government (via DoD, DoC, and State of California) have
pursued the development of an entirely new chemical
feedstock technology based upon Nanostructured(TM)
Chemicals. This is the first entirely new chemical
feedstock technology to be developed in the past 50
years. The technology was hailed by R&D magazine as one
of the 100 most technologically significant new products
for the year 2000. The talk will describe what Nano-
structured(TM) Chemicals are and the materials science
behind the property enhancements they provide to
thermoplastic, thermoset and rubber based polymers.
The commercial scale production, applications, and
economics for the technology will also be presented.

Nanostructured(TM) Chemicals are truly nanoscopic with an
average size of 1.5 nm and they have no Volatile Organic
Components and thereby produce no odor or air pollution.
The technology offers easy incorporation into existing
manufacturing protocols.

The chemical nature of Nanostructured(TM) reagents,
monomers and copolymers (based on Polyhedral Oligomeric
Silsesquioxanes (POSS)) allows the technology to be easily
incorporated into existing material formulations and their
compatibility can even be tailored through the manipulation
of solubilizing/nonreactive organic groups located on
the cages.

Nanostructured(TM) Chemicals can be used in 3 ways. Method 1:
Molecular Silicas(TM) are designed to be compatible and to
provide molecular-level reinforcement of polymers via
compounding/blending. POSS Molecular Silicas(TM) are the
smallest particles of silica possible and unlike silica these
have melting points that enable their easy incorporation into
common polymers via melt compounding. Method 2: POSS(TM)
Monomers are designed to be copolymerized or grafted into/
onto the polymer chains to provide molecular-level
reinforcement. Method 3: POSS(TM)-Silanes and Silanols are
excellent surface modifiers and hence can be used to
compatibilize surfaces to dissimilar materials. Incorporation
of the technology into resin systems has been shown to greatly
improve many physical properties including thermal stability,
Tg , hardness, and toughness. Product applications, economic
factors and market information will be presented.

Hybrid Plastics is the only manufacturer of Nanostructured(TM)
Chemicals and we manufacture bulk quantities and provide R&D
quantities of over 150 different systems.

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PRACTICAL DETAILS for May 17 meeting:

Cost: $30 regular
$15 for unemployed/retired/students
Free for just the talk at 8 PM
(but please let us know for headcount)

Social Hour: 6:00 PM
Dinner: 7:00 PM
Talk: 8:00 PM

Dinner: Italian Buffet, including vegetarian options.
(no dinner choice necessary)


- Make reservations by 5 PM Friday, May 11.

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The "Clubhouse Restaurant",
1875 East Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto.

From 101 in Palo Alto, take Embarcadero Road East.
Pass through the first traffic light, and turn left
at the sign for "Airport and Golf Course". The
"Club House Restaurant" will be on the left after
turning into the parking lot. (Look for the large
metal sculpture near the building.) If you go past
the airport you've gone too far.

restaurant phone 650-856-0999
(do not call restaurant for reservations)


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