Fabrication and Patterning Polymer LEDs by Electrochemical Deposition, Dr. Daniel Roitman


The Golden Gate Polymer Forum
June 19 Dinner Lecture

"Fabrication and Patterning Polymer LEDs
by Electrochemical Deposition"

Daniel Roitman
Agilent Laboratories


One of the outstanding technical issues in polymer
LED devices is patterning. This difficulty makes it
especially challenging to achieve full color in high
resolution small displays (microdisplays). In a
collaboration between Agilent and the University of
Alabama, we explored the use of electrochemical
deposition as a method for direct patterning polymeric
OLED (Organic LED) materials. We discovered a novel
electro-polymerization approach in which precursor
polymers become conjugated and cross-linked on the
substrate. This approach results in films of unexpected
physical quality, and it is applicable to a broad class
of applications. Our work demonstrated for the first
time color tuning and patterning polymer OLEDs by
electrochemical methods.

Speaker Background:

Daniel Roitman obtained his undergraduate degree in
Argentina and his Ph.D. from U.C. San Diego, working
with Prof. Bruno Zimm. He held postdoctoral appointments
at the Univ. of Wisconsin Rheology Research Center and
the Michigan Molecular Institute before joining Dow
Central Research, where he investigated the characterization
and fabrication of rigid rod polymers. Since 1993 he has
been with Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Laboratories, working
on polymer LEDs and biochip technology.

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