Mechanism of the Pt(0) Catalyzed Hydrosilylation Reaction



The Golden Gate Polymer Forum
August Dinner Lecture

"Mechanism of the Pt(0) Catalyzed
Hydrosilylation Reaction"

B. E. Eichinger

The Chalk-Harrod mechanism of the Pt(0) catalyzed hydrosilylation reaction, as modified by Lewis and Stein, has been studied with quantum mechanical DFT methods. Each of the several steps in the mechanism has been investigated, with the rate-determining step being identified with the reductive elimination of alkylated silane. Our results extend the prior
work of Sakaki and coworkers. In addition to the
central catalytic cycle, two side reactions have been investigated for their potential to destroy the catalyst or produce unwanted reactions. The mechanism explains the observed kinetics, and argues for care in the formulation of Pt(0)-cured silicones.

Co-author: Judith Stein, GE-CRD

Biographical Sketch

Bruce Eichinger is a Fellow located at the corporate headquarters of Accelrys Inc. in San Diego. He obtained a PhD in 1967 from Stanford University with Prof. P. J. Flory. After a one year postdoctoral position with Prof. M. Fixman at Yale University, he accepted an Assistant Professorship in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was promoted to Professor in 1980, and subsequently served as the Acting Chairman of the Department on two separate occasions. He left Washington in 1989 to assume the responsibilities of Director of Polymers at Biosym Technologies, Inc., one of the precursors to Accelrys. He became Biosym's first Fellow in 1994. Dr Eichinger has published about 115 scientific papers on various aspects of polymer chemistry and physics, and has contributed to books and encyclopedias. He has given numerous invited lectures, has organized several conferences, and has been actively involved in the Polymer Networks Group. He serves on the Editorial Board of Computational and Theoretical Polymer Science.

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Sept. 19, Mountain View, dinner lecture.
Dr. Bruce Prime, consultant and Fellow
of SPE and NATAS, will speak on the subject of "Time-Temperature-Superposition Kinetics", a preview of his Plenary Lecture at the NATAS meeting for those of you who cannot attend.

Oct. 22, Mountain View, all day event.
The GGPF Fall Symposium:
"Polymers in Controlled Release"
Further details to be announced.

Nov. 14, Menlo Park, dinner lecture.
Prof. Shaw Ling Hsu, Univ. of Massachusetts,
Amherst, will speak on
"New Developments in Crystallization Behavior
of Strongly Interacting Chains"


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Aug. 25, San Jose State University
Beginning of ENGR 240 class,
"Introduction to Microelectronics Packaging"
Saturdays 9 AM - noon, Aug. 25 - Dec. 15.
Instructor: Mulugeta Abtew, Tiara Networks; May be taken through SJSU's Open University. For early enrollment contact the SJSU Continuing Education Office at (408) 924-2670. Enrollment during the first class period will also be facilitated. For enrollment information: Dr. Guna Selvaduray at SJSU; (408) 924-3874;


Sept. 2-7, San Francisco
Electrochemical Society meeting
(sessions on fullerenes, organic optoelectronic devices, microelectronics topics, batteries, etc, plus short courses on topics that include batteries, fuel cells, sensors, and chemical mechancial polishing.)

Sept. 11, South San Francisco
BAMS (Bay Area Mass Spectroscopy society)
Corporate Sponsor Night

Sept. 24, Fremont
SPE-sponsored NUMMI Plant Tour

Sept. 26, Sunnyvale
IEEE/CPMT afternoon short course:
"Undertanding Imaging and Analysis of Thin
Films and Contamination"


Oct. 3-5, Monterey
Photomask 2001 conference, sponsored by SPIE

Oct. 7-10, Sonoma
ACS POLY Division Workshop:
Polyolefins III - 2001

Oct. 18, ACS dinner lecture
Prof. Richard Zare,
"The Fizzics of Beer Bubbles"
(included because we know all of you
out there are fluid mechanics at heart ...)

Oct. 21-25, Monterey
Fifth International Conference on Miniaturized
Chemical and Biochemical Analysis Systems,
Sponsored by the California Separation Science Society

Oct. 21-25, San Francisco
SPIE Conference: Micromachining and Microfabrication

Oct. 21, San Francisco
Magnetic Media Symposium
Oct. 22-24, San Francisco
Joint Tribology Conference
(Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers
plus the ASME Tribology Division)

Oct. 26-27, San Francisco
AVS short course "Quantitative Surface Analysis"
Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, San Francisco
AVS 48th International Symposium, 15th
International Vacuum Congress and 11th
International Congress on Solid Surfaces
(session topics on biomaterials, applied surface analysis, dielectric materials, MEMS, nanostructures & nanotubes, etc.)


Nov. 14-17, Sonoma
ACS POLY Division Workshop:
Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials - 2001

Nov. 14, ASM dinner meeting
"Electronic Packaging"


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