New Developments in Crystallization Behavior of Strongly Interacting Chains


NOVEMBER GGPF Dinner Lecture:

Wednesday, Nov. 14
Capriccio Ristorante Italiano
Menlo Park

"New Developments in Crystallization
Behavior of Strongly Interacting Chains"

Prof. Shaw Ling Hsu
Polymer Science and Engineering Department
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Although the kinetic theory of polymer crystallization is phenomenological in origin, it successfully predicts many unique structural features such as presence of chain folding. When interchain interactions exist, refinements of this theory are required. For example, scattering experiments suggest aggregation may occur prior to true crystallization in many systems. Orientation fluctuations observed during the induction period are difficult to explain. Many polymers crystallize poorly under quiescent conditions. Upon applying a relatively small external field, however, they undergo rapid crystallization into a specific phase. In each case, the polymer structures are composed of moieties that can strongly interact through secondary forces.

Our studies have focused on a system of polymers with strongly interacting functionalities placed at exact periodicity along the polymethylene chains. Our goal is to observe the effect of strong interchain interactions in relation to nucleation and growth. For these model polymers, the sequence length of the methylene units can be precisely controlled from 12-46 units. We are thus synthetically able to tune the specificity of the interchain interactions and the conformational flexibility of the methylene chains.

Studies in our laboratory have emphasized the role of vibrational spectroscopy which is sensitive to ordering at a local level. Order formation in the strongly interacting units can be observed separately from the straightening of the methylene chains. This method permits observation of changes in the disordered phase during the induction period as well as secondary crystallization. From spectroscopic data, it was concluded that localized specific interactions strongly influence the nucleation process and divide the crystallization process into three regions. The nucleation barrier and speed of growth are greatly enhanced by specific interactions. A slower process follows which is characteristic of every chemical moiety of the polymer. Finally, in the third period, local reorganization occurs depending on local chain dynamics. Implications of this new development will be presented.



DATE: Wednesday, Nov. 14

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Capriccio Ristorante Italiano
325 Sharon Park Drive, Menlo Park

Just off Sand Hill Road, between Stanford and 280.
Located in shopping center at the corner of
Sharon Park Drive and Sand Hill Road.
(look for the Shell gas station.)

From 280, take Sand Hill Road toward Stanford,
and turn left on Sharon Park Drive; turn
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From Palo Alto/Menlo Park/El Camino Real,
take Sand Hill Road toward 280, turn right on
Sharon park Drive, left into shopping center.

Or see and type in address.
Restaurant phone 650-854-6822
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