Roll to Roll Processing for Microelectronics Manufacturing, James Sheats, Ph.D.


The Golden Gate Polymer Forum

GGPF Feb Dinner Lecture, Feb. 25:
"Roll to Roll Processing
for Microelectronics Manufacturing"
James Sheats, Ph.D.

PLEASE NOTE that the Feb. GGPF Dinner Lecture will be held
Feb. 25 and NOT Feb. 7 as previously announced. We apologize for the change of date.


Other items of note (see "Other Events" below):

- The 5th annual Flory conference at Stanford
is Feb. 22.
- Major national technical society meetings coming
up in SF in April (MRS) and in May (SPE).


February GGPF Dinner Lecture:

Monday, Feb. 25
Michael's at Shoreline
Mountain View

"Roll to Roll Processing
for Microelectronics Manufacturing"
- James Sheats, Ph.D.

Many emerging device technologies, including organic light emitting diodes, organic transistors, various reflective displays based on electrophoretic materials or liquid crystals, solid state memories, and batteries, are considered of value in large part because of the promise of lower cost of manufacturing. However, if the manufacturing paradigm is that of wafer or sheet-based processing, the equipment cost and throughput does not change significantly, and may even be worse due to difficulties in handling flexible substrates. These technologies will realize their full potential only if manufactured in a continuous roll process.

Typically the preferred substrate for web processing is
plastic (although metal foils have been used). Plastics present significant challenges in mechanical stability during handling and thermal cycling. Nevertheless, good quality amorphous silicon solar cells are being produced on polyimide, and Rolltronics has now made the first thin film transistors using the same equipment. The talk will review the issues and potential for this exciting field.

Biography for speaker:

James Sheats received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University in 1978. After postdoctoral work in nonlinear dynamics at MIT and Stanford, he joined Hewlett- Packard Laboratories, where he worked on a wide variety of projects in thin film electronics, including photolitho- graphic chemistry, high temperature superconductivity, and organic electroluminescence. He is currently chief technical advisor for Rolltronics Corp. Dr. Sheats has authored more than 40 papers and 12 patents and co-edited two books, and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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DATE: Monday, Feb. 25

Timing: 6 PM social hour
7 PM dinner
8 PM lecture

Cost: $30
half price students, retired, unemployed
free for just the lecture at 8PM
(but please let us know for headcount)

Deadline for registration: 5 PM, Friday, Feb. 22

If web-site registration is working, please register on the web:
Otherwise, register by contacting
Debashis Dutta
(408) 743-3117

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Dinner choices:
Broiled Salmon
Chicken Picatta
Vegetarian Napoleon (eggplant, polenta, vegetables)

Note that we must request that you be liable for your registration fee if you register and do not attend; cancellation is allowed up to the registration deadline.


From 101 in Mountain View, take the Shoreline Boulevard
Exit, turning toward the bay. Drive past the Shoreline Amphitheater and go straight ahead, entering into Shoreline Park. After a mile or so inside the park, a sign for Michael's will direct you to turn left into the parking lot for Michael's.
Address: 2960 N Shoreline Blvd.
Restaurant phone: 650-962-1014
(do not call restaurant for reservations)



March 11, Mountain View
"Electroactive Polymers: Artificial
Muscles and More"
Roy Kornbluh, SRI

April: tbd

May 30, SJSU
GGPF Spring Symposium / mark your calendars


OTHER EVENTS of possible interest to the
GGPF audience:


Feb. 11-15, Santa Clara
AVS 3rd International Conference on Microelectronics
& Interfaces
and the list of short courses associated with the
meeting can be found at

Feb. 13, tbd
ASM dinner meeting
"Novel Synthesis Techniques for Ceramic Composites"

Feb. 13, Sunnyvale
IEEE/CPMT dinner meeting
"Wafer Level Packaging"
Luu Nguyen, National Semiconductor

Feb. 19, Pleasanton
NorthBay AIChE meeting
"The Key for Alza's Success in the Development
of Biomedical Devices"
Howard B. Rosen, V.P. Strategic Planning,
Alza Corporation

Feb. 22, Stanford
The Fifth Flory Conference
in Macromolecular and Physical Chemistry
Ed.Note: This year's program looks outstanding,
with speakers including Nobel Laureate Alan Heeger,
Joe DeSimone, Juan DePablo, and for the dinner
speaker, Ken Dill.

Feb. 27, Sunnyvale
IEEE / UC Extension short course
"Materials Issues in Semiconductor Packaging"
Instructor, Dr. Guna Selvaduray of SJSU

Feb. 27, Mountain View
SouthBay AIChE meeting
Shyam Ramalingam of Lam Research,
"Plasma Deposition of Silicon Thin Films:
Atomic-Scale Modeling of Radical-Surface


date & location tbd
ACS Santa Clara Valley section
David Rakestraw will speak on sensors for
chemical and biological agents.

March 3-8, Santa Clara
Microlithography 2002

March 12-14, San Jose
SEMI-THERM, the annual thermal management in
electronics symposium (click on SEMI-THERM)

March 13
ASM dinner meeting
"Nanotechnology Overview"

March 19, Mountain View
SouthBay AIChE meeting
Nazli Egilmiz of Inhale Therapeutics,
on the topic of "Pulmonary Drug Delivery"

March 19, San Jose
PTI short course,
"Fundamentals of Photolithography"

March 20, S.F.
NorCal ACS dinner meeting
Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

March 21, Santa Clara
Silicon Valley ACS dinner meeting -
sensors for chemical and biological agents


April 1-5, S.F.
Materials Research Society spring national meeting
Many sessions of interest.

April 10, San Jose
PTI short course
"Fundamentals of MEMS Design & Fabrication"
April 11, San Jose
PTI short course
"Introduction to Optical MEMS
for BioSensing and Communications"

April 25, Lafayette
Northern California ACS dinner lecture
"From Metallocenes to Cytotoxicity in Mouse-Cell Leukemia:
An Intimate View of Academic Research & Some Bay Area
Chemical Urban Legends" Prof. R.E. Bozak, California State University Hayward


May 5-9, S.F.
Society of Plastics Engineers
Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC)

May 8 (Concord?)
ASM Golden Gate Section dinner meeting
Adam Schwartz, LLNL, "Electron Backscatter


June 21, San Jose
PTI short course
Fundamentals of Photolithography

June 23-28, Monterey
Electrochemical Society
11th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries


July 14-16, Stanford
July 14, short course
July 15-16, conference
Photonic Devices & Systems Packaging Symposium

July 17-18, San Jose
International Electronics Manufacturing
Technology Symposium

July 17-19, San Jose
SEMICON - Backend/final manufacturing focus
July 22-24, S.F.
SEMICON - Wafer fab focus


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