Printed Polymer Transistor Arrays for Displays and Imaging, Kateri E. Paul



Dinner Lecture
Wednesday, May 14
Faz Restaurant, Sunnyvale

"Printed Polymer Transistor Arrays
for Displays and Imaging"

Kateri E. Paul
Electronic Materials Lab
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)


Organic semiconductors are an attractive transistor technology for inexpensive displays and image sensors. Polymers offer low temperature solution processing on flexible substrates at low cost. Direct writing of active materials minimizes both the number of processing steps and the use of materials, and therefore also the cost of device fabrication. Direct writing of mask material for feature definition is also a simple and inexpensive patterning process. We have developed a process to fabricate arrays of organic transistors (OTFTs) using direct writing techniques to completely replace photolithography. In this multiple-mask process, metal for the source/drain contacts and the gate are patterned using jet-printed wax as a resist for wet etching, and the organic semiconducting polymer is deposited using inkjet printing or other fluidic deposition processes. Prototype active matrix TFT arrays are fabricated on a 300-micron pitch using a process with minimum feature size of 40 microns and alignment between layers of better than 5 microns. The talk will describe the processing approaches and compare alternative techniques to pattern the semiconductor. Characterization of our printed organic transistors shows field effect mobility and on/off ratios that compare favorably with OTFTs fabricated by spin-casting.

Speaker Background

Kateri Paul was born in Norwich, NY. She received her A.B. degree from Bryn Mawr College and PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University under the direction of Professor George M. Whitesides, where she studied soft lithographic techniques for
micro- and nanofabrication. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Electronic Material Laboratory at the Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto, studying the printing of organic electronics.



DATE: Wednesday, May 14

Location: Faz Restaurant
1108 North Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale
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Faz Restaurant
1108 North Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale
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click on the Sunnyvale branch
Restaurant phone: 408.752.8000
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Restaurant is on N. Mathilda, east of 101 and 237,
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June 23, Mountain View
"Research, Industrial Affiliation, and Educational
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