Grafted Polymer Chains on Nanoparticles and Flat Surfaces: Methods, Functions and Patterning


Announcing the December GGPF Dinner Lecture with
Prof. Timothy Patten of UC Davis Chemistry Dept.

Please Note: this event is at Faz Restaurant in Sunnyvale
---> do NOT go to Michael's in Mountain View out of habit.



Dinner Lecture

Thursday, Dec. 11
Faz Restaurant

Prof. Timothy Patten
Chemistry Department
U. C. Davis

"Grafted Polymer Chains on Nanoparticles and Flat Surfaces:
Methods, Functions and Patterning"

Surface-initiated living polymerization offers the potential to control ultrathin
film structure and composition down to the nanometer scale. There are an
increasing number of publications reporting the use of submicrometer-sized
particles and flat surfaces (SiO2, Au, etc.) as substrates for surface-initiated
living polymerizations. Nanoparticles have a well-documented array of
properties that differ from their corresponding bulk materials, and grafting a
polymer brush from the surface of the nanoparticle provides the means to
control not only the final material's mechanical, optical, or charge carrier
properties but also its surface functionality, including ligation to biological
macromolecules. In the case of flat substrates, there have been many
developments in the preparation of polymer brushes over large (i.e., hundreds
of square micrometers) areas; however, few details are known about the
nanoscale features and properties of such brushes. This presentation will
describe methods for grafting well-defined polymer chains from surfaces,
the use of polymer-grafted nanoparticles in biological sensing applications,
and the formation and properties of micro- and nano-patterned polymer



DATE: Thursday, Dec. 11

Location: Faz Restaurant
(see directions below)

Timing: 6 PM social hour
7 PM dinner
8 PM lecture

Cost: $30 with advance registration
half price students, retired, unemployed
free for just the lecture at 8PM
(but please let us know for headcount)

$35 after registration deadline

PLEASE NOTE: we accept cash or checks, but are unable to
accept payment by credit card at this time.

Deadline for registration:
5 PM Tuesday Dec. 9

Please register on the web site

Or, contact:
April Baugher

You should receive confirmation of your registration; if not,
please contact us again.


Dinner choices (pick one when registering):
Grilled Salmon
Vegetarian Ravioli
Roasted Chicken

Note that we must request that you be liable for your
registration fee if you register and do not attend;
cancellation is allowed up to the registration deadline.


Faz's restaurant:
1108 North Mathilda Avenue, Sunnyvale
Tel: 408-752-8000
(please do not call restaurant for reservations!)

The restaurant is located on North Mathilda just
east of 237 (and just south of the 237/101 exchange).
Here is a MapQuest link
Type in the address and you will get a good visual map


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