Nanocomposite Gas Separation Membrane Materials, Prof. Benny D. Freeman




Dinner Lecture

"Nanocomposite Gas Separation Membrane Materials"

Prof. Benny D. Freeman
Matthew van Winkle Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

The utility of mixing fine (~ 1 micron), porous inorganic particles, such as highly
selective zeolites, with polymeric matrices to improve gas separation properties
has been widely explored. In contrast, incorporating nanoscale (~10-50 nm),
nonporous fumed silica particles in poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne) [PMP] and other
high free volume glassy polymers increases both gas permeability and organic
vapor/permanent gas selectivity. For example, addition of 30 wt% fumed silica
to PMP simultaneously doubles mixed-gas n-butane/methane selectivity and
increases n-butane permeability 3 times relative to that of pure PMP. This
surprising discovery is contrary to previous studies of filled polymer systems
where the presence of inert filler particles serves as an obstruction to gas transport
and decreases permeability. This presentation discusses the effect of filler loading
and filler size on gas solubility, diffusivity and permeability in PMP/nanoparticle
composites and other related systems.



DATE: Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004

Location: Michael's at Shoreline
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