Side Chain Mediation of Switchable Properties of Polymers--John Zheng



Wednesday, Oct. 20
Dinner Lecture
Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View

"Side Chain Mediation of Switchable Properties of Polymers"

Qiang (John) Zheng, Ph.D.
Landec Corporation, Menlo Park


Landec has developed "Intelimer Polymers" based on side chain crystalline polymers that yield
a pre-set sharp melting temperature or "temperature switch". Most polymers exhibit gradual
changes in physical properties (permeability, viscosity and adhesion) as temperature changes.
Intelimer Polymers yield abrupt and significant changes in physical properties around a pre-
determined transition temperature. Physical properties, such as melting temperature, molecular
weight, hydrophobicity, functionality, viscosity, and permeation can be readily tailored to meet
particular application requirements.

Landec has utilized these temperature switching polymers, Intelimer Polymers, in commercialized
food packaging, seed coating, latent catalyst, pressure sensitive adhesives and personal care
applications. The temperature switch has been used to control permeability, adhesion and viscosity,
delivering significant physical and mechanical property changes with small changes in temperature.
An overview of Landec's Intelimer technology will be presented along with a description of existing
and developmental applications:

1) Permeability control

Food packaging
O2 and CO2 permeation control through a membrane for fresh produce packaging to extend shelf-life

Seed coating
H2O permeation control through a coating on corn seeds to extend the planting window and improve yield

Latent catalyst
Controlled release/permeation of cobalt catalyst to extend the pot-life and shelf-life of unsaturated
polyester thermoset formulations

2) Viscosity control

Personal care
a) Hair care: styling and restyling through temperature switch control
b) Skin care: rheology modification control through oil thickening in creams and lotions

3) Adhesion control
ON/OFF adhesion activation: Warm-Off and Cool-Off technology-pressure sensitive adhesives
(PSA) for both industrial and medical applications

Speaker Background:

Dr. John Zheng is currently working at Landec Corporation as Director of Polymer Development
to expand the applications of Intelimer Polymer materials. He conducted his Ph.D. research in
"Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers by Living Cationic Polymerization" under the supervision
of Dr. Virgil Percec in Department of Macromolecular Science at Case Western Reserve University.
He gained his B.S. in polymer science and engineering in East China University of Chemical Technology
in Shanghai, China. His prior research areas included development and commercialization of UV-
curable mid index lenses and photochromic lenses (with Rodenstock North America, Hayward) and
formulation and process development relating to lithium ion rechargeable batteries (with SRI International,
Menlo Park).



DATE: Wednesday, Oct. 20

Location: Michael's at Shoreline
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