Nov. 18 Dinner Lecture - Prof. Grant Smith, Univ. of Utah



The Golden Gate Polymer Forum

Monthly Dinner Lecture
Thursday, Nov. 18
Michael's at Shoreline, Mountain View

"The Role of Conformational Engergetics in Polymer Dynamics:
Barriers, Blends, and Bifurcations"

Prof. Grant D. Smith
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering &
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
University of Utah


It is a widely held belief that polymer dynamics on almost all length scales are intimately related to conformational energetics. In particular, the energy barriers for rotation between low-energy conformational energy states (e.g., trans and gauche) are thought
to largely determine the rate of conformational transitions and hence dynamics and relaxation of the polymer. As a consequence of considerable contemplation and forethought (i.e., a student forgetting to call the torsional energy subroutine), we have conducted extensive molecular dynamics simulations of a melt of 1,4-polybutadiene (PBD) with conformational energy barriers and without. The latter results in a freely rotating PBD that is otherwise identical to our chemically realistic PBD. Not satisfied with this serendipity, we have also created blends, or mixtures, of PBD and freely rotating PBD. Detailed
examination and comparison of the dynamics of the PBD melt, the freely rotating PBD melt and the blends has resulted in intriguing insights into the dynamics of miscible polymer blends, and more surprisingly, the bifurcation of the alpha and beta relaxation processes and the mechanism of the beta process in polymer melts.

Speaker Background:

Grant Smith is Associate Prof. of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at the Univ. of Utah. Before that he was a professor at the Univ. of Missouri-Columbia. Prof. Smith received his B.S. in Chem. Engr., his M.S. in Mechanical Engr., and his Ph.D. in Materials Sci. & Engr., all from the Univ. of Utah. He has local connections
through post-doctoral work with Do Yoon at IBM Almaden Research Center and Richard Jaffe of NASA Ames, as well as some collaborative work with the LBNL polymer battery efforts.



DATE: Thursday, Nov. 18

Location: Michael's at Shoreline
(see directions below)

Timing: 6 PM social hour
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8 PM lecture

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Restaurant's web page directions

From 101 in Mountain View, take the Shoreline Boulevard
Exit, turning toward the bay. Drive past the Shoreline
Amphitheater on the left hand side and go straight ahead, entering
into Shoreline Park. After a mile or so inside the park,
a sign for Michael's will direct you to turn left into
the parking lot for Michael's Restaurant.
Address: 2960 N Shoreline Blvd.
Restaurant phone: 650-962-1014
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