Organic Materials Chemistry

Dr. Fenton Heirtzler, 1034 Colorado Avenue, Apt. 1-D
Palo Alto, California 94303,
Tel: +1 301-312-5145
Citizenship: US-American

My strengths are in intellectual, practical, organizational and leadership contributions for novel organic, metalloorganic and supramolecular materials. Specific goals have been towards semi-conducting materials for use in e.g., frequency-doublers, capacitors, semiconductors, mesogens, photoconductors, light-emitting diodes or other devices, via:
• Team brainstorming sessions leading to intellectual property claims.
• Hands-on laboratory research activities.
• Communication through both well-formulated written reports and oral presentations, to either scientific- or layperson audiences.
• Creation of both internal and external research- and funding proposals.
• Dialogue and interaction with external members of the scientific community and customers.
• Supervision and guiding of associate staff towards credible, well-defined goals over appropriate timeframes.

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