Materials Engineer (Masters) specialized in polymer science and characterization

Shadi Moshggoo • (408) 216 3556 • San Jose, CA 95117
San Jose State University (SJSU), CA December 2016
• M.S in Materials Science and Engineering, GPA: 3.8
Relevant Coursework: Nanoplatforms
Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
• M.S in Textile Engineering, Polymer and Fiber science, GPA: 3.8 June 2014
Relevant coursework: Polymer Chemistry, Polymeric composites, Organic chemistry, Biodegradable polymers used in biomedical applications, Nano fibrous structure.
• B.S in Textile Engineering, Polymer and Fiber science, GPA: 3.7 September 2012
Skills and Knowledge
• Characterization techniques: Hardness, Tensile strength, Three-point flexural strength, HDT, Notched-Izod Impact strength, Multiaxial impact strength, MFI, CLTE, Reflection gloss, FTIR, PL, DLS, UV-vis spectrophotometry, and color measurement.
• Software: JMP (Prior Experience), IBM SPSS (Prior Experience), Microsoft suite (Prior Experience), OriginPro (Experience)
• Polymer: Automotive composites, Polymer chemistry, Polymeric composites, Biodegradable polymers, Nano web
Work Experience
Imerys, San Jose, CA June 2016- Present
Material Engineering Intern
– Contribute to fabrication of polymeric composites and assist in polymer extrusion and injection molding processes
– Conduct experiment and evaluation tests on new formulated products according to customer demands
– Analyze the data and troubleshoot the process or materials-based problems
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, San Jose, CA October 2014- December 2016
Student Technology Training Assistance
– Teach IBM SPSS and do students’ projects in a way they got at least B grade in their statistical course
– Conduct 3D-printing for student, and increase the efficiency of process up to 20%
Teacher Assistant of Advanced Mechanical Behaviors of Solids Spring 2016
– Solved student’s technical problems on quizzes and homework
Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran January 2013- June 2014
Supervisor of Nanofiber Lab
• Maintained a safe and clean environment by notifying the users of the safety points
• Saved more chemical materials and energy by assisting students in doing their experiments properly and accurately
• Reduced the risks at the lab by organizing hazardous and non-hazardous materials and solvents
• Slashed the cost of device repairs by explaining how to work with the equipment to each user
Academic project
Development of Multiplex Probes to detect breast circulating tumor cells (CTC) fall 2016
• Synthesize and characterize two semiconductor QDs encapsulated within polymer-lipid micelles to detect CTCs through FAST
• Work with a team of two and collaborate with Stanford University for CTC detection research
Production and characterization of chitosan-acrylamide-g-PAMAM dendrimer nano fibers spring 2014
• Conjugated polyacrylamide to enhance chitosan property and conjugated the product with dendrimer
• Electrospun chitosan-acryalmide-g-PAMAM dendrimer and evaluated different factors on morphology and average diameter of nano webs (100-150 nm in diameter)
Application of extracted feather protein to improve the shrink resistance of wool fabrics spring 2008
• Extracted chicken feather keratin and applied it on wool fabric to enhance its shrink resistance and strength
Journal Paper
• Application of extracted feather protein to improve the shrink resistance of wool fabrics, The Journal of Industrial Textiles, 2013

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